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An introductory meeting will be scheduled so we can begin to understand your business’s accounting needs and how our services will fit. If both parties determine they would like to move forward we will begin the process of understanding your current accounting systems and how to integrate them into our process. Finally, we will work together to select and implement the services that are right for your business.


This is the backbone of how we work. Quickbooks online allows us to work from anywhere and provides secure cloud based access to your books from any phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection.


Google Workspace is where we securely store our clients files. Trade those bulky filing cabinets that need to be cleaned out annually for secure cloud based storage that can be accessed anywhere 24/7.


Quickbooks online allows us to connect directly with your bank, credit card, payroll processor and other financial institutions to efficiently and accurately record transaction data ensuring your books are accurate and up to date.

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